How Do "Voice Changers" Work?
The vast majority of voice changers shift the pitch-sensitive fundamental waves of the user's voice via microprocessor and offer various pitch shift
options. Less costly models offer fewer options and use a less effective microprocessor than more expensive models. Since pitch is only one
element of the human voice, there are limitations as to how much change can be made without resulting in an "unnatural" or "digital" sounding
voice. High end (Pro) models use additional electronic circuits to offset or buffer the unnatural sounds as well as more efficient pitch shifting
microprocessors . Lower end models are generally purchased as novelty items for practical jokes or for kids, whereas higher end models are best
for professional applications.

Can I Really Change A Female Voice To a Male Voice And Vice Versa?
Everyone's voice is different,  so individual results vary when using a voice changer.  A voice changer can increase or decrease the pitch of your voice
by one or two octaves while maintaining a realistic sounding result. They do a very efficient job of disguising your voice even to people who know you
well. Most people can find two or three settings on a voice changer that  can have amazing results. The more selection options the voice changer
offers, the better the results and the more "voices" you can create. However, for a typical male voice to sound like a typical female voice or vice versa,
you must change the voice by several octaves. This usually results in the voice sounding unnatural. The same applies when changing an adult voice
to a ch
ild voice and vice versa.

So, Which One Should I Purchase?
It all depends on the application, the type of phone you plan to use it with, and how much you want to spend. We have attempted to supply enough
detail on our descriptions to aid you in making a good decision based on your specific needs.
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